Effective, Reliable Pool Cleaning at a Price You Can Afford!

I’ve been with Affordable Pool Care for a couple years now and I think it’s the best service ever! We left our old pool service company after over decade with them, as they raised our monthly rate three times in one year, and we felt they began to nickel and dime us. We then tried two other companies before we found our perfect pool service solution: Affordable Pool Care run by Greg Flanigan. We are utterly thrilled!!!!!! Greg is a home owners dream, as he is honest, reliable, hard working, accommodating, and a true industry expert – he knows all facets of pool service including filter/motor/timer/pool sweep /pool lighting & electronic control mechanics, as well as solar systems. He is also a true environmentalist as he fixes and injects new life into existing equipment when possible/feasible. If you are looking for that that first class pool service, look no further- Affordable Pool Care is truly the BEST.